What key information can Timber Chain store and use to build trust across a supply chain and aid due diligence?

By admin gm | 15 March 2023

Timber Chain has been designed to store an unlimited range of data and information including: 

  • Any relevant documentation required for a shipment to be exported from a producer country. For instance, packing lists, bills of lading, permit harvests, CoC / FMU certificates. 
  • Third party endorsements of claims – certification claims, or claims about origin, species, logging permits, etc. 
  • Geo-location (which can be endorsed by a third party)
  • Science-based testing analysis (to prove species, origin, etc.)

The entire purpose of Timber Chain is to collect a range of data and information as trust points related to timber trading between participants, secure them in one place, and then allow them to be shared securely and/or privately. 

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