Timber Chain is an end-to-end, identity-centric and fully permissioned service that enables new bonds of trust to be created between participants in the timber ecosystem.

How Timber Chain works

Timber Chain enhances digital data recording, facilitating due diligence, optimising audit and verification, and protecting all data on a cryptographically secure platform.

This minimises the risk of illegal and unsustainable activity while supporting data-driven decision-making, and transparency. Further helping work to meet global deforestation targets.

Timber Chain’s supportive network includes reputable industry third parties such as Preferred by Nature and SPOTT. Although originally designed for timber networks, its capabilities have been adapted to enhance the traceability of other commodities whose sustainability is vital, including palm oil, cotton, rubber and cacao, to name a few.

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About iov42

iov42 is the identity platform for building trust. By enabling secure, transparent transactions in the digital space, we allow businesses, governments and societies to coordinate effectively, confidently and with total accountability. Our flexible, purpose-built Distributed Ledger Technology, an evolution of Blockchain, creates scalable solutions for a vast array of use cases, facilitating and verifying transactions to strengthen the bonds of trust between participants.

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