What are the advantages of using Timber Chain over other timber traceability systems?

By admin gm | 15 March 2023

Different traceability systems suit different user needs. Our aim is to compliment other traceability systems, by offering the below unique advantages:

  • Timber Chain enables CoC shipment information to be secured (via cryptographic hashes of data relating to wood transactions) and privately stored in a tamperproof digital ledger – a one stop shop for real time and historical compliance documentation.
  • Shipment data and claims can be checked, certified and endorsed by reputable third parties. E.g., a verifier, certifier, geo-spatial imagery, science-based testing
  • Timber Chain offers volume tracking throughout the entire supply chain to enable volumes of timber, as well as conversion rates during transformation, to be tracked and checked from link to link across the supply chain
  • Links are created from one supplier to another, within one specific supply chain. This form of supply chain mapping goes beyond the ‘1 up / 1 down’ functionality of many other systems
  • Timber Chain connects verification and certification (from different certifiers and different schemes) at each point in the supply chain, capturing transparency in a controlled way (useful for auditing purposes)
  • Participants in Timber Chain have full control over their confidential commercial information, enabling them to grant permission to trusted parties (of their choice) to see their information
  • Compliance checks are time stamped on the underlying ledger, equipping organisations to demonstrate that due diligence has been performed at a specific point in time (e.g., before receiving a shipment)

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