Since data is recorded on a “blockchain”, does this mean that everyone can see it?

By Dominic von Trotha Taylor | 7 March 2023

iov42’s core platform is a permissioned DLT (distributed ledger technology) solution, which means that its users determine who has access to their information (and which information as well) stored on the immutable ledger (“blockchain”).

Additionally, the data on the immutable ledger is stored in hashed form, which means that it cannot be made use of unless the person checking it has the original (unhashed) data available to be able to hash it and compare it to the hash stored on the immutable ledger.

The data stored on Timber Chain (i.e. outside of the iov42 immutable ledger) is also protected by a set of permissions that the users can either grant or restrict. For example, the shipment data only becomes available to the importer once the exporter has established a connection with them and has explicitly shared the shipment data with them.

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