If Timber Chain is recording data on an immutable ledger, does this mean that data cannot be edited once it is recorded?

By Dominic von Trotha Taylor | 8 March 2023

Timber Chain provides its users the ability to edit already recorded data, however, each change is reflected in the history of the record, with “old” information still being available for checking against the records on the immutable ledger.

For example, if a user has made a typo in the name of the mill that has processed the wood in a particular stock – they can simply edit the information and save it, which will result in the following steps:

  1. The stock information will be updated;
  2. A new claim will be created on the iov42 immutable ledger with the new information (the old claim with the typo will still be available);
  3. A new item will be added to the history section of the stock showing which value has changed;

Those who have access to the stock information will now be able to see which change has been made, but will also be able to approve what the previous value has been and all of the verifications (digital signatures / endorsements) that value has had.

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